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Attention to foreign students

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1. Foreign students shall observe the laws and decrees enacted by the Chinese government as well as the rules and regulations of the Xinjiang Arts Institute. They shall respect Chinese religious policy and Chinese moral standards and customs.

2. Foreign students is not allowed to engage in Missionary activities in or out of school.

3. Foreign students are required to buy medical insurance provided by China ping’an insurance company Ltd.

4. Foreign students will pay the tuition before you register your classes. The period of your residential permit dependson the termlimit of your tuition covered..

5.Foreign students must take their passports, student cards and registration card (given by local police station) with them anytime and anywhere in order to avoid being finedby the police.

6. Foreign students shall pay attention to their visa validity days. If they need to extend, they should inform the foreign affairs office two month beforehand.

7. In case foreign students have questions about their classes or teachers, they must write a letter to the Foreign Language office.

8. Foreign students must inform the foreign affairs office before leaving Urumqi.

9. Foreign students must inform the police station when their relatives are coming.

10. Foreign students aren’t allowedto stay at local people’s houses when they are traveling in Xinjiang.

11. If Foreign students have difficulties in or out of school, they shall tell the foreign affairs office.

12. Foreign students must pay attention to their safety in anywhere and any time.

13. Students must register in the local police office within 24 hours. And also give one copy of the blue card back to the Foreign affairs office to keep on files.

14.Students who wants to apply visa or residence permit (including students extending their visa), please submit passports with required papers to the police station one month beforehand.

15. Foreign students must attend their class, not be late for class or leave early. those who ask for leave should have a written statement or have a certificate from hospital. Students who miss 30% of the total class hours will leave Xinjiang Arts Institute and will be reported to the Police station to cancel the residence permit.

16Gambling, drinking alcohol, fights and scuffles, use and traffic of drugs, and other misconduct that may disturb the normal order of teaching, research and daily life are forbidden on the campus.

17. Doing business or activities wich do not match your student status are not allowed while studying in Xinjiang Arts Institute.

18. For foreign students who don’t observe regulation and Laws of Chinese Government and the School, Foreign affairs office will apply for the Police Station to cancel his/her Visa.

If you have an emergency please call the following Emergency numbers:


Foreign affairs office:

Jamile: 259039118999861235

Foreign language office: Li Chunhong13565918160